Hororata Parish St John's Anglican Church

Under the Nor'west Arch

About Us

The Parish of Hororata is made up of a diverse mixture of people. Some are 6th generation descendants of the earlier settlers and others are recent arrivals involved in local farming activities, or commuting to work in Christchurch or neighbouring towns.

Hororata in effect means the place of landslip (“horo”) by the rata (a native tree).

The Parish of Hororata extends over an extremely large geographical area. To the north and east of the Selwyn and Waianianiwa Rivers bound to it, whilst in the south and west the mighty Rakaia River and domineering Southern Alps clearly define the parish boundaries.  The parishioners of this truly rural parish cherish and value their relationship with the people and history of the area.

We offer spiritual comfort and real compassion to whoever asks or is in need and in this regard the Parish of Hororata is truly pastoral in nature. 

Our Vicar, Jenni is employed on an 80% stipend. She is responsible for the spiritual well being of of the parish community. Much of her time is spent reaching the wider community as they are an integral part of our ministry beyond the church walls.